Jan. 27, 2023

Dr. Williams 2022 Busy Wrap Up

Platium Summit 2022

October 2022

In October Dr. Williams was one of the featured speakers for the 2022 Equine Regenerative Medicine and Orthobiologics Summit. His talk was: “Diagnosis and Management of Common Rostral Cervical Orthopedic Problems”. This, in lay terms, was a talk regarding common problems found in the cervical region closest to the head. Cooper used several cases from the past years within our practice to educate on diagnostics and prognosis of problems found in this area of the body.

AAEP Annual Convention Nov 16-22, 2022

At this past annual convention Dr. Williams was very busy. He took part in an all-day Equine Cervical Group meeting with colleagues that have been gathered to better understand cervical (neck) pathology through diagnostics, physical/neurologic examinations, medical/surgical treatment/management, and post mortem evaluations. The goal is to raise the standard of equine veterinary practice regarding these aspects of the equine neck.

Dr. Williams was a speaker at the Platinum Summit, produced by Platinum Performance, where he spoke regarding “A Perspective on Whole Horse Management: Evolving and blending new evidence-based information with technology while keeping a firm grip on the basics”. The lecture was well received and Dr. Williams has been contacted by fellow veterinarians that were in attendance to hear further how our practice approaches performance cases.

On Saturday, Dr. Williams and Dr. Melissa King, of CSU moderated a table topic for convention attendees. The topic of “When To Put A Soft Tissue Injury Back To Work: Imaging and Clinical Exam”, was comprised of years of experience and advancements in technology tempered with practical application in the field.

The weekend hustle continued on Sunday when Cooper presented “A 360* Tour Transrectal Musculoskeletal Structures, Normal Variations, and Abnormal Findings of Clinical Significance, Developing A True Standard Baseline”. After becoming ISELP certified in 2009, which gave Dr. Williams the knowledge to perform this examination, he has since been accumulating clinical information and associated imaging on hundreds of cases, thus creating a database of normal versus abnormal, as well as the likely impact of findings on performance. This dedication has culminated in a library of images that aided in the visual presentation to teach both the progression of the examination as well as the application of the knowledge in management of the individual patient.

Also on Sunday Dr. Williams and Dr. Melinda Story of CSU moderated a table topic, “Lameness Originating From The Neck”. Both of the doctors being in the Equine Cervical Group are knowledgeable of diagnostics and clinical examination findings with a plethora of cases to be able to pull information from. For both doctors it is invaluable to have “real world” case experience as well as their own hunger for new knowledge that created a great avenue for productive discussion for all in attendance.