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ACell is a tissue regenerative product that uses extra-cellular matrices to promote the repair and replacement of injuries without scar tissue. Basically, it triggers a response in the body to fix an injury with the tissue that was intended to be there, instead of the body’s normal injury response of healing through growing scar tissue.


How is it used?

We have had great success treating tendon and ligament injuries along with wounds that due to their size or location have difficulty healing on their own. The material comes in a powdered form which we mix with saline and inject into tendon or ligament injuries, or use a sheeted material that is placed directly on wounds.

Why is this better than just using stall rest and time off for an injured tendon or ligament?

Normally a tendon or ligament injury heals with scar tissue, which has poor fiber alignment similar to cutting parts of a steel cable then trying to fold them back together again. Because of this lack of fiber alignment the healed injury has lost strength compared to an undamaged fiber alignment. When ACell is injected into the damaged area it promotes healing without the development of scar tissue. This healing creates a better alignment of fiber that results in a stronger heal similar to that of an undamaged tendon.

Will it prevent my horse from re-injuring the same leg or area?

No, this product helps heal with functional fiber alignment, and if an undamaged tendon or ligament can be injured that has good functional fiber alignment, so too can the area treated with ACell.

How long does it take to heal?

Every injury is slightly different so healing time depends on the specific injury, but the process does seem to accelerate the healing process compared with just time off.

Will my horse need to be in a stall for a long period of time?

We develop a controlled exercise plan to help the healing process. ACell creates a stronger and better result when the area is stimulated. Depending on your injury, you may be walking your horse daily, and as the healing progresses adding in trotting sessions. Some of our three day event clients have commented on how much their dressage scores have improved as a result of the controlled exercise plan.

Is ACell better than stem cell treatments?

In our experience we have seen better and faster healing with ACell than with most stem cell based treatments. The ACell treatment is also less than half the cost of some stem cell treatments, which makes it more accessible as a solution to many injuries.

If you would like more information about ACell, you can call or email us and visit their website.