As we return to normal operations we ask all clients to continue practicing social distancing and wearing face masks during appointments per CDC recommendations in order to minimize exposure for all invovled while providing optimum care for patients.

Gastroscopy & Video Endoscopy

If you are concerned about a possible problem in your horse’s throat or airway endoscopy is a valuable tool. With video endoscopy we can look for abnormalities such as laryngeal hemiplegia (roaring), ethmoid haematomas, and other respiratory problems. Using an endoscope we can diagnose and treat many issues through biopsies, cultures, and surgical injections of problem areas. Our video endoscopic exams are recorded digitally so we can email pictures and video to consulting surgeons, and compare progress of a medical condition before and after treatment.

Gastroscopy is a visual assessment of the stomach of your horse. Ulceration is a common problem for many competitive horses and medications to treat ulcers can be expensive. With gastroscopy we can determine the severity of the problem, how ulcers respond to treatment, or rule out ulceration as a potential problem.