As we return to normal operations we ask all clients to continue practicing social distancing and wearing face masks during appointments per CDC recommendations in order to minimize exposure for all invovled while providing optimum care for patients.

Whole Horse Examination

Equine Sports

Our philosophy for both a lameness or performance evaluation on our athletes entails thorough palpations, manipulations and various tests of not only the distal limbs but the axial skeleton. Muscle symmetry is closely evaluated and noted in order to gain insight into history of how a horse uses themselves, which can often be compared to previous evaluations to see how our patients are evolving in their programs and responding to treatments. Listening to history or watching videos are important to gain further understanding into cases. The movement portion of an exam often involves baseline jogging, flexion tests, lunging and/or under saddle observation. Combining all this information is what leads us to diagnostic analgesia, imaging or specific treatments- but it is very important that our clients understand the process so that a decision can be made together to best treat our patients either injury or optimize their performance. These exams are thorough and taking our time to listen, observe and evaluate the complete presentation is the base of our "whole horse philosophy". Our thorough reports and notes throughout examinations allow for consistent accurate medical records for either future comparison or optimize various veterinarians working together on cases.